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Address :  310 – 119 West Pender Street
Vancouver B.C.
Canada V6B 1S5
Tel No.: 604-363-1779
Web Site: www.kenorlandminerals.com
E-mail: info@kenorlandminerals.com
Contact Person: Zach Flood
Position: President, CEO & Director

Company Data

Traded Market: TSX-V | OTCQX | FSE
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Kenorland Minerals Ltd. is a mineral exploration company focused on early to advanced stage exploration in North America. Kenorland currently holds five projects in Quebec where work is being completed under joint venture and earn-in agreements from third parties. The Frotet Project and Chicobi Project are held under joint venture with Sumitomo, the O'Sullivan Project is optioned to Sumitomo, the Chebistuan Project is optioned to Newmont Corporation and the Hunter Project is held under option to Centerra Gold Inc. In Alaska, Kenorland holds the advanced stage Tanacross porphyry Cu-Au-Mo project, optioned to Antofagasta, as well as a 70% interest in the Healy Project, held under joint venture with Newmont Corporation.

Business Strategy

  • Exploration Partnerships (Option to Joint Venture) = Lower Risk
  • Equity + Royalty Generation = Value Creation
  • Sole-funded Exploration: Discovery-Focused

Exploration Strategy

  • Safe Jurisdictions: politically stable and mining-friendly
  • Commodity Focus: Au, Cu, Ni, Li
  • Large-scale: exposure to 1,328,000 hectares mineral tenure
  • Systematic: property-wide phased exploration surveys
  • Under-explored: low exploration maturity and un-depleted search spaces
  • Under-cover: glacial overburden or post-mineral cover
  • Exploration 'Pipeline’: multiple projects from greenfields through to advanced stages

Projects in Hand

Quebec, Canada

  • Frotet Project (Au) – JV with Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.
  • Chicobi Project (Au) – JV with Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.
  • O’Sullivan Project (Au) – Optioned to Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.
  • Chebistuan Project (Au) – Optioned to Newmont Corp.
  • Hunter Project (Au) – Optioned to Centerra Gold Inc.
  • Saguenay Project (Nb) – 100% Owned

Ontario, Canada

  • South Uchi Project (Au, Ni, Cu, Li) – 100% Owned
  • Separation Project (Li) – Optioned to Double O Seven Res. Ltd.

Manitoba, Canada

  • South Thompson (Ni), Osik (Ni), Muskyak (Cu, Zn, Au) – 100% Owned

Alaska, USA

  • Tanacross Project (Cu, Au, Mo) – Optioned to Antofagasta PLC
  • Healy Project (Au) – JV with Newmont Corp.

Frotet Project, Northern Quebec

  • Joint venture with Sumitomo Metal Mining (80% SMM, 20% KLD); exploration is funded pro-rata and Kenorland is presently the operator of the Project.
  • Over 56,000 ha of greenstone belt staked in 2017
  • Systematic till sampling 2018-2019 (~6,000 samples)
  • Discovery of Regnault in March 2020 (29.08m at 8.47g/t Au)
  • The initial metallurgical test work has demonstrated promising Au-Ag recoveries of the Regnault-style ore. Additional work has been planned to further maximize recovery (see press release dated Jan. 18, 2023).

Regnault Gold Discovery

  • Since discovery in 2020: 56,989m (158 drillholes)
  • 22,783m of drilling completed in 2022
  • 2023 winter drill program planned

Regnault: New Discoveries 2022

22RDD111:2.00m at 20.43 g/t Au, including 0.70 m at 46.20 g/t Au

22RDD130A:3.85m at 44.95 g/t Au, including 1.20 m at 127.83 g/t Au

22RDD124:4.00 m at 10.17 g/t Au, including 1.35 m at 25.99 g/t Au

22RDD121:5.70 m at 8.10 g/t Au, including 230 m at 15.72 g/t Au

22RDD144:2.91 m at 31.52 g/t Au, including 0.34 m at 253.50 g/t Au

22RDD144:1.85 m at 31.75 g/t Au, including 0.33 m at 147.80 g/t Au

22RDD144:10.08 m at 4.43 g/t Au, including 0.59 m at 27.10 g/t Au

22RDD136:20.55 m at 2.80 g/t Au, including 3.50 m at 10.72 g/t Au

22RDD135:5.00 m at 5.46 g/t Au, including 0.90 m at 21.39 g/t Au

22RDD133:6.65 m at 19.50 g/t Au, including 1.06 m at 98.34 g/t Au

22RDD141A:20.79 m at 2.78 g/t Au, including 1.50 m at 15.28 g/t Au

2023 Winter Exploration Program and Budget

A total exploration budget of C$6.5 million has been approved by the joint venture for the winter drill program underway at the Regnault gold discovery on the Frotet Project. The drill program will include up to 22,000m of diamond drilling over 25 drill holes. Approximately 50% of the proposed drilling will focus on broad step-outs expanding the recent vein discoveries along the R5, R6, R7 and R8 structures. These thirteen drill holes are planned to extend mineralisation from 500m to 650m depth from surface, stepping out from and below high-grade intersections returned from the 2022 program.

Investment Highlights

  • Team of highly skilled explorationists and geoscientists focused on the discovery of new mineral deposits
  • Strong cash position and revenue generating business model
  • Steady ‘pipeline’ of exploration projects being advanced under agreements with major mining companies (Sumitomo, Newmont, Centerra, Antofagasta)
  • Up to C$29M of partner-funded expenditures in 2023
  • “Regnault”, a major high-grade gold discovery in Quebec held under joint venture with Sumitomo Metal Mining
  • Direct or royalty interests in over 1,300,000 hectares of mineral tenure across North America
  • Significant insider and institutional ownership including strategic shareholder, Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.


Management, Directors and Advisors

Zach Flood, President, CEO and Director

Mr. Flood is an economic-exploration geologist with global experience focused on various commodities over the past 15 years. Mr. Flood co-founded Kenorland Minerals in 2016. Prior to Kenorland, Mr. Flood spent numerous years within the Ivanhoe Group, undertaking project generation and business development, including evaluation of early to advanced stage M&A opportunities in the mining sector.

Enoch Kong, CPA, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Kong has more than 10 years of extensive experience in controllership and financial reporting for public companies in the oil and gas and junior exploration sectors listed in Canada and United States.

Scott Smits, Vice President of Exploration

Mr. Smits has been involved in a broad range of positions and responsibilities, including mineral exploration and project evaluations since 2007. His most recent role was Senior Geologist within Newmont Mining Corporation’s Exploration Development Group.

Janek Wozniewski, P.Geo., Vice President of Operations

Mr. Wozniewski is an exploration geologist and geoscientist with experience in early to late-stage mineral exploration projects as well as mid-stream oil and gas projects in Canada, US, Australia and Peru. Since 2009, he has consulted with several junior to major energy and resource companies and has gained a broad multidisciplinary skillset with a focus on program planning and project management.

Dave Stevenson, Chief Geoscientist

Andy Orr, Chief Geologist

Alex Gallardo, Exploration Manager

Vytautas Banys, Exploration Manager

Mikhail Minin, Data Scientist

Rick Trotman, Director

Jamie Levy, Director

Jay Sujir, Director

Jessica van Den Akker, Director

Yu Yamato, Director

Peter Meredith, Advisor

Francis MacDonald, Lead Technical Advisor

David Broughton, Technical Advisor

David I. Groves, Technical Advisor

News Update

On May 10, 2023, Kenorland Minerals Ltd. has provided a summary of its 2023 activities, highlighting significant advancements in exploration across the majority of the company's portfolio, as well as the addition of several new projects recently acquired through generative efforts.

The total planned exploration expenditures on properties in which Kenorland holds direct or royalty interests is anticipated to be approximately C$33 million, which includes approximately C$29 million in exploration financed by partners. With a significant project pipeline and a robust treasury of C$18 million, Kenorland is well positioned to achieve continued success. The Company remains committed to responsible exploration practices and looks forward to delivering positive results to its stakeholders in the coming year.

On April 26, 2023, Kenorland Minerals Ltd. has released details of the 2023 exploration program and budget at the Tanacross project, located in eastern Alaska and held under an earn-in agreement with Antofagasta Minerals SA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Antofagasta PLC. 2023 summer drill program and budget:

The summer drill program, operated by Kenorland, will include up to 4,500 metres of diamond drilling to test three primary target areas: East Taurus, West Taurus and South Taurus. The approved 2023 budget for the drill program is approximately $3.8-million (U.S.) and will be carried out from June through August.

This drill program follows the surface work completed last summer, including the collection of 800 infill soil samples along with detailed induced polarization and magnetotelluric surveys covering the West Taurus-McCord Creek-East Taurus trend, as well as detailed extremely low-requency electromagnetic (ELF EM) and ground gravity surveys over the South Taurus anomaly.

On April 21, 2023, Further to the investor rights agreement dated Nov. 5, 2021, between Kenorland Minerals Ltd. and Sumitomo Metal Mining Canada Ltd., Sumitomo has notified the company of its intent to exercise its top-up right and retain its 10.1-per-cent interest in the company.

An aggregate of 20,006 common shares will be issued for aggregate consideration of $15,520.14, representing 14,289 common shares at a price of 78.08 cents per share, and an additional 5,617 shares at a price of 77.68 cents per share all in accordance with the IRA, subject to the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange. A copy of the IRA is available on the company's SEDAR profile.

On March 06, 2023, Kenorland Minerals Ltd. has commenced diamond drilling at the Chebistuan project, located in the northern Abitibi greenstone belt of Quebec, and held under an exploration agreement with Newmont Corp.

2023 exploration program and budget: A total exploration budget of $1.5-million has been approved by Newmont for the 2023 winter exploration program. The program will include 3,500 metres of diamond drilling, including three drill fences to test bedrock across a structural corridor at the Deux Orignaux target area. Drilling activities will be carried out from late February to early April, 2023.

February 16, 2023, Targa Exploration Enters into Operator Services Agreement with Kenorland Minerals

January 23, 2023, Kenorland Announces 2023 Winter Drill Program at the Frotet Project and Grants Stock Options


January 19, 2023, Kenorland Announces Termination of South Uchi Earn-in Agreement with Barrick Gold Corp.


January 18, 2023, Kenorland Minerals Announces Preliminary Metallurgical Results at the Frotet Project



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