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Address :  14th Floor, 1111 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6E 4M3
Tel No.: 250-545-0383
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Toll Free No.: 800-910-7711
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Contact Person: Ron Birch
Position: Director

Company Data

Traded Market: TSX-V
Traded Symbol: CVM
Outstanding Shares: 61,269,183
Public Float: 50,940,994
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CVR Medical Corp. is a med-tech organization dedicated to the development and advancement of revolutionary technology at work within the healthcare sector. Specifically, The Carotid Stenotic Scan (CSS), a groundbreaking tool which will be used to assess Carotid Arterial health in a way which is unavailable to the patient, healthcare provider, and the payor within the current system.


The Carotid Stenotic Scan (CSS) is a screening tool designed to detect and measure carotid arterial stenosis or occlusion for the purpose of identifying patients at risk for Ischemic Stroke. The CSS provides a synergistic tool which complements other stroke screening technology such as Duplex Doppler ultrasound (DUS), magnetic resonance angiography (MRA), and computed tomography angiography (CTA). CVR's screening device is non-emissive, non-invasive, does not require a certified technician, can be conducted in a few minutes, and has a per scan price point that is significantly advantageous as an initial screening tool when compared to the resource requirement associated with other technologies.

The Technology

CVR's technology makes a connection between fluid flow and sub-sonic frequencies in order to determine the presence of arterial disease/blockage. The technology, in its present configuration, detects and analyzes the low frequency vibrations that radiate passively from the carotid arteries. Blood flowing through the carotid arteries produces wave patterns which are shaped and altered by the presence of any irregularities on the inner walls of those arteries. The wave patterns are captured and mathematically analyzed through CVR's patented algorithms which generate an accurate percentage range of stenosis (including 100% stenosis, or complete occlusion). This analysis is then followed by immediate interpretation with details concerning the inner surface of the carotid arteries against which there is blood flow.

Features & Benefits

Game Changing Technology

  • The CSS is a truly unique device, unlike anything currently available. In a market that is starved for innovation, CVR is providing a device which is able to benefit patients, payers, and providers.


  • The CSS is 100% non-invasive and does not require the use of harmful dyes.


  • Unlike other arterial health analysis modalities, the CSS does not use harmful radiation to obtain a result. The CVR device uses only sound wave analysis to detect the presence of arterial stenosis.

Cost Effective

  • With a target price point of less than $50,000, the CSS costs a fraction of the price of other devices used to determine arterial health. This price point, combined with an aggressive financing program, will allow for immediate ROI by the health care provider and rapid market penetration.


  • The CSS acts as a cost efficient gatekeeper for health care providers. Currently there is no viable way for doctors to manage arterial health without the use of expensive testing options. With the CSS in use, the clinician is able to prescribe further care for only those patients in true need, thus eliminating expensive and unnecessary testing.

East to Use

  • No specialized training is required to operate the CSS. Unlike other modalities which require costly human resource obligations, the CVR device will show results which accurately define the level of stenosis or occlusion in the arteries.

Time Saving

  • With the ability to be placed in the Primary Care Providers office and eliminate unnecessary exams the CSS saves a significant amount of time and resources on the patient's behalf.

Hassle Free

  • CVR Global has made every effort to make the CSS both efficient and hassle free for all end users. With a simple log in screen, easy to order disposables, and wireless technologies eliminating troublesome wiring, the CSS will simplify an already complicated provider setting.


CVR Medical Corp.

  • Proven Management: Leadership / Board of Directors / Scientific Advisory
  • Clinical Experience: 5 Clinical Trials (2005 – Current) with 1,000+ Carotid Studies
    • Current Trial: Thomas Jefferson University Hospital – 1,000 Patients
    • (ClinicalTrial.Gov ID: NCT03041168)
    • Pivotal Trials: Estimated Start – Q3 2017
    • Product Launch: Targeted for Q1 2018
  • Strong IP Position and High Barrier to Entry: 1 Issued / 13 Pending / 20+ In Process
  • Investment to Date: $30M (USD) with $12M (USD) from Founders
  • Strong Public/Institutional Backing: $4.3M (CAD) Round Completed April 2017 – 3rd Public Round
    • September 2016: $2.3M (CAD)
    • February 2017: $2.5M (CAD)
    • April 2017: $4.3M (CAD)
  • Listings: TSX.V:CVM / OTCBB.QX: CRRVF / DAX: B3BN




Peter Bakema, President, CEO & Chairman of Board

Successful 30 years track record of creating and developing businesses

Chairman & CEO of CVR Global Inc. since inception

Expertise related to rapid growth and scalability

Developed CVR Global organizational structure and know-how from ground up

Michael Rhodes, Vice President of Quality Systems

20 years of Quality Know-how

Former Vice President of Quality for HSBC & Motorola

Experience in multiple markets including healthcare, defense, public safety, retail, energy, and manufacturing

Tony Robinson, COO & Executive Vice President

Global & domestic medical device expertise within Operational, Marketing, Regulatory, M&A, and Financial areas of healthcare

Joined CVR Global Inc. in 2009

Erwin Wong, CA, CFO & Director

Former director of Asian operations for a national institutional brokerage house, and Vice-President of Finance for a publicly-listed Asian based group

Was a director for various Mainland Chinese based enterprises

Dr. W. Douglas Weaver, Director and Scientific Advisory Board

Past President of the American College of Cardiology

Former Vice President and System Medical Director of Heart and Vascular Services at Henry Ford Health System

Over 330 publications, most of which are related to drug and device discovery and methods toward improving the care provided to patients with cardiovascular disease


Dr. Orville Day, Lead Physicist

Integral in the original development of the Carotid Stenotic Scan

Specialty: Atomic & Molecular Physics

Tenured Professor at East Carolina University, previously teaching at multiple universities

Dr. Young Truong, Lead Biostatistician

Professor at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Ph.D. from the University of California-Berkeley, Department of Statistics

Written over 50 publications, including multiple books on statistical analysis

Jim Finlayson, Electronics & Software Engineer

30 years experience

Developed varying military & civilian software and hardware applications, specifically laser guidance, wireless systems, and aerospace instrumentation

Developed weapons systems software for General Atomics Aeronautical Systems

News Update

On June 29, 2017, CVR Medical Corp. announced that Thomas Jefferson University Hospital – Jefferson Clinical Research Institute has issued an initial trial report, summarizing the clinical trial progress of the Carotid Stenotic Scan (CSS) under the supervision of Principal Investigator Dr. David Whellan. To view the full report, please visit CVR Medical's website.


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